The coronavirus on one side and the uncertainty about the type of power on the other have led to...
2020-03-26 09:35:38
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Crash the car market due coronavirus: -7.4% in February 2020

Still declines in registrations

The coronavirus on one side and the uncertainty about the type of power on the other have led to a renewed downturn in the car market in February 2020 after -7.5% in January, February is scoring in Europe a -7.4%, according to data of the Centro Studi Promotor. Overall, in the first two months of 2020 the European car market had a turnover of less than 7.5% over the same period last year. We expect miraculous locations for March, the month in which the emergency coronavirus exploded with dramatic impacts on the population of the Old Continent.
Among other things, consumers are uncertain about the power of the cars. There is indeed some confusion among electric vehicles, hybrid and low-emission ones. We try to understand specifically where it is cheaper to invest their money, hoping to be able to circulate in the coming years without excessive restrictions.
To try to breathe new life into the market, the associations of producers and consumers make their voices heard. It requires the governments funding of various kinds, starting with the removal of VAT on electric cars.
Among European countries, Germany is the one that does mark the heaviest decline in February 2020, with a 10.8% of total registrations. In Italy we have an equally serious -8.8%, while in Spain there is a -6%. More content of the decline in France (-2.7%) and the UK (-2.9%).
Although significant losses, are not comparable to those involving Chinese market, which has seen a slump of 80% in February on registrations, mainly because of the coronavirus. Also in China, in the first half of March has already decreased by 47% was detected.
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