He now speaks for a few days, and finally came the official confirmation. The emergency...
2020-03-17 10:55:34
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mortgages suspension for coronavirus, even for self-employed

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Launched emergency measures

He now speaks for a few days, and finally came the official confirmation. The emergency coronavirus has led the government to take action on the issue mortgages. A large number of citizens will then stop paying the mortgage for up to 18 months. They will have the right to suspend all employees affected by the crisis, or those made redundant or who will suffer significant reductions in working hours and in salary.
and can request a suspension also the self-employed, provided that they have been damaged so evident by the presence of the pandemic. Specifically, the autonomous applicant must have suffered a drop in turnover equal to or greater than 33% in a subsequent quarter to 21 February 2020, compared to the last quarter of 2019. The decline may also be occurred due to the closure of the activity or of downsizing.
The government has also allocated 200 million euro for those in severe financial hardship because of the coronavirus. They will have access to the workers - whether they are employees or self-employed - who in 2019 had declared a particularly low income, less than 10,000 euro. To have access to the support from the state, please contact your accountant.
News also basic income, which will continue to be dispensed but for two months, the citizens will not be required to comply with the so-called conditionality. This means they will not be obliged either to accept job proposals received, nor to go to the employment centers.
The government is trying to do everything possible to stem the enormous difficulties that we are going to meet. The cost in human lives in our country is already very high, and it is hoped that at least from an economic point of view can be a minimum protected. Meanwhile, the consumer credit market tries to cope with the crisis by offering extremely low interest rates, trying to grab potential customers.
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