In the course of 2019, the average value of Italian dwellings dropped by 2.4%. It's no secret...
2020-03-03 12:39:31
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Cost of houses still falling, a great moment for loans

Calabria the cheapest

In the course of 2019, the average value of Italian dwellings dropped by 2.4%. It's no secret that the housing market is in crisis for several years now, very bad news for those who want to sell, but also a wonderful opportunity for those looking for a first or a second home. Similarly in fact, the credit market is currently quite favorable, with extremely low interest rates on many types of loans.
Analyzing the market with Office data Idealist studies, we observe that in February 2020 there was a further 0.3%. This brought the average value of Italian property to the current 1,692 euro per square meter.
In Calabria, the most affordable housing, with an average cost of just 904 Euros per square meter. They make little better Molise with 942 euro and Sicily with its 1,064 euro.
The situation improves for property owners in the north. The Aosta Valley is the region where houses cost more, while completing the podium Liguria and Trentino-Alto Adige. Despite the high costs, these regions have been affected by significant declines in the value of property, such as -1.5% in the Valle d'Aosta and -1.6% in Trentino-Alto Adige. In total there are 13 Italian regions with minus sign, with the Marche to drive the negative ranking (-1.7%).
Puglia is the only region to instead mark a significant increase in the cost of housing, with a + 1.2%. Followed by Liguria with + 0.5% and + 0.3% with Piedmont.
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