The transfer of salary or pension is the most used type of loan in Italy. The employees - public...
2020-02-28 10:06:54
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Assignment of the fifth against dismissal: this is what happens

Also Responses on TFR

The transfer of salary or pension is the most used type of loan in Italy. The employees - public or private that they are - they can access capital by making a request to a financial intermediary, and presenting the documentation attesting to their employment. At that point, the employer receives the request and, in most cases, it is required to accept it. Each month will then donate 20% of salary to those who have paid off the loan. The payment of salary will continue until he will pay the debt plus accrued interest.
If you lose your job for dismissal (themotivationisirrelevant), the financial is assisted by insurance. This will be concluded before approval for the sale of the fifth, and will guarantee in case of dismissal or indeed the worker's death. And 'then the insurance company to pay the financial. It goes without saying that if the worker had obtained an assignment of the fifth, knowing that he would be fired will face lawsuit for fraudulent insolvency.
For some insurance dismissal predict that the remaining debt payment can be taken from the TFR (SeveranceIndemnity). In this case, however, the insurance company will not have the standard limits of employee loans and can access the entire amount of severance pay, in accordance with what still remains to be welded.
If after the use of continuation TFR still owe, the insurance will be required to repay it at his expense. Later on the former employees could seek to recover the money and, if they did not have an income, proceed with some kind of seizure. Then, if the fired was also penniless, the company can not do much in practical terms, merely send a few reminders.
Of course if the licensed find another job, employee loans will simply be moved from the old to the new employer.
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