Whether you opt for the market of new or second-hand, change cars can bring important benefits....
2020-02-26 19:35:44
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Auto Market: it saves fuel, down emissions

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Up to 2% compared to 2018

Whether you opt for the market of new or second-hand, change cars can bring important benefits. There are, for example, reduced power consumption, which allow to also save a lot on fuel. According to numbers released by the Centro Studi Promotor, in the course of 2019 Italians spent on fuel 2% less than in 2018, with a total investment of about 58 billion euro.
The old vehicles were replaced with new cars, and this has led, according to the research institute "a significant decrease in average unit consumption of the park and, consequently, also of polluting or harmful emissions they are closely linked to consumption levels ".
More in detail, the new engines have allowed a reduction in consumption of 1% compared to 2018, while the remaining 1% is attributable to the decrease in the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel. It speaks of a -1.9% for gasoline and a 0.8% for diesel.
In a previous post we talked about how you feel the need for more decisive benefits for those who intend to switch to a new vehicle. For the moment there is no news whatsoever, but it is clear that purchase more modern car allow, in the long run, save money.
Another element to consider is safety. In Italy the average age of cars in circulation is quite high, which results in a mortality rate in excess accident than that of countries such as the UK.
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