The CRIF Barometer helps us understand the credit market trend for this early 2020. The...
2020-02-21 09:53:55
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Personal Loans + 10% mark in January 2020, even cheaper rates

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New CRIF report

The CRIF Barometer helps us understand the credit market trend for this early 2020. The situation still seems to be very positive for the purpose loans, which recorded an increase of 9.6% over the same period of 2019. More content is increasing requirements with regard to purpose loans, which are still registered a + 2.9%. The growth of the market, compared to January 2019, is in total a good 5.9%.
The habits of the Italians are quite clear: the number of applications for various types of loans tends to be uphill, but reduces the figures to which a request. Consumers seeking more minor cuts and take advantage of interest rates, in line with those of recent years. Compared to the pre-crisis period there is a certain convenience, loans are cheaper and has a good elasticity. The information and the desire to read up do the rest.
continue looking at the data of CRIF, the average of the amounts claimed is 9,408 euro, down 2.7% compared to January 2019. The purpose loans they see an average of 6,914 euro (-0.4%comparedtothesameperiodlastyear), while personal loans are recorded the most significant decrease, by 5.8%, with an average sum of 12,415 Euros.
Thus we see an increase in applications, a reduction in the figures, but also shortening the time for the return of the money. Thanks also to the more modest cut of loans, we can see that more consumers prefer to plans for returning less than 12 months. These are in fact passed from 15.8% in January 2019 to 16.4% in January 2020. The plans
with superior durability to 5 years, however, continue to be those most common, accounting for 26.2% of the total. Among
very advantageous interest rates, tax cuts and loan types designed for every need, even that 2020 will offer more informed consumers several tools to improve their quality of life. If you are interested you can request a free quotation Cifonline at https://cifonline.it/.