The INPS has just officially announced the commissioning of a new online tool on their site,...
2020-02-13 09:54:21
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Assignment of the fifth and early closure: new online resource

Directly by INPS

The INPS has just officially announced the commissioning of a new online tool on their site, amending earlier closing system of the plan of the sale of the fifth. We'll we mentioned in one of our articles, but only now the function becomes available online for financial intermediaries. Until recently, the early termination required a release from financial and subsequently putting institutions into practice by operators on the territory of INPS. The Institute specifies, however, that all of the early closure requests received by 31 March 2020 will continue to be processed using the old system.
For now, just about the sale of the fifth of the pension: you can not then use the new tool for an early closure of the disposal plan of salary. There are also other limitations that should be clarified.
The new methodology will be applied to close the sale of the fifth of the pension plans that are being renewed, nor those run extra steps. The requests made through the new procedure can not be withdrawn. If you experience problems during the insertion, the financial intermediary should contact the relevant department in the area to revert to the original plan.
The system will be used by all those financial intermediaries who are signatories to the agreement with the INPS, and is available through web service web application.
The sale of the fifth of the pension is a type of easily accessible for many Italians loan. It can be used by parents to support their children in the launch of new activities, to purchase a car or real estate, or even for renovations. Compared to a loan to another typically it requires less documentation and the time before approval is shorter, because the pension itself is a security for the money disbursed.
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