The Italians love to employee loans, which in 2019 was confirmed as the most popular type of...
2020-02-07 09:44:54
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Assignment of the fifth loan is the most chosen by Italians

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Useful and convenient to the consumer

The Italians love to employee loans, which in 2019 was confirmed as the most popular type of loan. To let us know is always active CRIF, which reported a + 6.7% compared to 2018. The average data values ​​for the amounts claimed were among others the highest of the past 10 years, with 9,512 Euros.
not surprising that the transfer of salary continues to be coveted by a broad spectrum of consumers. It is actually a tool that is easy to access both for civil servants and private, even for retirees. Consider further that the drawback of the sum takes place "automatically", per month, with a withdrawal from the salary or pension. And 'in fact a comfortable system, which can be customized to suit your needs.
The requirements to access loans against salary are simple. The state and public employees must have worked for a minimum of three years, while private employees must accept a small constraint on the TFR. As for pensioners however, is the same board to act as a guarantee on the reliability of payments, but you will also consider the age of the customer. In order to protect its money, considering the age of 85 as the cut. However, there are exceptions that may involve any heirs.
The public and state employees who meet the prerequisites may require quickly between the 5,000 and the 60,000 euro, while pensioners can ask from 2,500 to 50,000 euro. For details you should contact the professionals.
As significant is that the employee loans can also be obtained by request and returnees in the register of bad payers. Although other types of loan can pick denied, the employee loans will remain at your disposal.
If you too are interested to request a quote on a loan in a completely free and without obligation we invite you to refer to Cif Online.