The latest sales forecasts say that in 2020 will be registered in Italy just over 2 million...
2020-02-04 12:27:40
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For the car market serve as incentives in 1997, word of Promotor

They would bring benefits green

The latest sales forecasts say that in 2020 will be registered in Italy just over 2 million cars, scoring a respectable + 5%. Compared to pre-2008 crisis period, we though about it a lot lower values, namely 19.4%. The significant decline was obviously caused by the unfavorable conditions prevailing in most of the consumers. The market for loans and reduced rates are partially stemming the problem, but not enough to bring the market back on the "normal" values.
To analyze the situation Gian Primo Quagliano, president of Centro Studi Promotor. In his opinion it is necessary for government intervention, in a way similar to what happened in 1997. The state incentives would bring clear advantages for both citizens and for the state itself, an increase of GDP which could even reach 0, 5%. These incentives, from the state, imply a real expenditure, since the money would be recovered through VAT.
Such a move would also benefit from an environmental, permitting a renewal of the car fleet and a net reduction in emissions. This would reduce pollution and facilitate travel in restricted traffic zones, where shopkeepers have suffered a collapse in their revenues due to the lower stream of potential buyers.
Apart from the environmental element it is then to consider the safety factor. In 2018 in Italy there were 55.2 deaths per million inhabitants due to road accidents, with an average age of cars of 11 years and 6 months. In the UK, however, where the average age of the cars was 8 years, the number of deaths per million stopped to 27.5.
We hope that the government will consider the option incentives, for the moment we can still turn to purpose loans, which have become an attractive solution due to the extremely low interest. If you want to know more you can request a free quote from questo link.