The Italian Banking Association (ABI) released data on the credit market in Italy, in reference...
2020-01-28 11:06:44
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ABI: loans with interest to a minimum, lending to households

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rising mortgage market

The Italian Banking Association (ABI) released data on the credit market in Italy, in reference to the month of November 2019. The picture is encouraging especially for families, and underlines how the loan interest rates remain at extremely low values, which make the use of the attractive credit for many.
The first thing that catches the eye is like lending to businesses has decreased by 1.9%. It is a significant drop, the largest decline since May 2015. There are many reasons, but primarily relate to a reduction in demand from companies.
The decline in loans to businesses is rebalanced dall'impennata of the mortgage market, which has recorded a + 2.5%. Taking everything into consideration, and also using the data released by the Bank of Italy, in 2019 the lending market has seen an increase of 0.3% over the previous year.
As well established, to make loans attractive for both private individuals and businesses are the interest rates to near historical lows. Although you can sometimes encounter of slight increases, values ​​continue to be those "post-crisis", significantly lower than those in place before 2008.
an average rate is talk specifically on new operations of 1.27%, against 5.48% in 2007. a world of difference. Wanting to make a more concrete example, the average rate on the purchase of a new home was, in 2019, 1.47%. In late 2007 there was talk instead of 5.72%.
As we saw in a previous article, it seems that the confidence of Italian consumers is increasing. This pushes more people to resort to the credit market, taking advantage of the many tools available. The advantageous interest rates of loans and not finalized, and the ease with which you can access the loans against salaries or pensions today make the credit market interesting for a more varied clientele than ever.