Bank of Italy has published the figures of the new relationship Banks and Currency, which shows...
2020-01-23 12:45:11
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Increase the loans, the Bank of Italy speaks of trust

It will be indeed the case?

Bank of Italy has published the figures of the new relationship Banks and Currency, which shows that the confidence of the Italians to the world of loans is growing. We speak specifically of private citizens, with numbers taken from the month of October 2019. The growth rates of loans to households was 2.4%, roughly in line with the 2.5% recorded in September. The situation is different for non-financial companies, which see a decrease of 1.4%, continuing on the red the previous month, marking a -1%.
Paolo Mameli, senior economist at Intesa San Paolo, argues that Italian families now have fewer worries about work situations. This leads to greater confidence in the credit market. Consumers feel safer, have less fear to contract debts. This results in an injection of liquidity that can only liven up the economy of our country.
The international picture is itself an improvement, then the general conditions for take out loans are positive. Interest rates tend to be lower than usual, there are many options and solutions designed for every need. Whether it is one-fifth of their salaries or pensions, or simple loans not finalized, each institution or organization wants to offer its customers a range of offers as much diversity as possible.
Speaking of options, it seems that the recent Bonus TV promoted by the government has been enthusiastically received by consumers. Although there is time until 2022, yet it was paid only 0.5% of the 151 million allocated, equivalent to about 791 000 euro. Being a discount of only € 50 per family, it is possible that Italians do not feel particularly encouraged to change TV. However, these are only suppositions, it is possible that the reason is in the two years that separate us from the transition to new standards of transmission.