It grows in Italy the gap between rich and poor, as reported by the latest Eurostat figures....
2020-01-21 11:28:06
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getting richer and the poor get poorer In Italy rich: the latest data ​​p>

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worrying Numbers

It grows in Italy the gap between rich and poor, as reported by the latest Eurostat figures. Analyzing the values ​​of 2018 - just published - in fact, we find that 20% of the population with higher income on average a salary six times compared with 20% of those who earn less. To be precise 6,09 times higher, compared to 5.92 in 2017. The value is decreased compared to the negative tip touched in 2016, when the multiplication was 6.27 times.
If we refer to the most populous European countries we can see a reverse trend. In Italy the situation is worsening in fact, contrary to what happens in the rest of the continent. To get a better idea, the data for Germany at the same time talk about a gap of 5.07 times, 4.23 in France, UK and Spain 5.95 to 6.03. The latter is in fact dangerously close to Italian values, which are not among the best in Europe, indeed.
fact, if we look at the countries that have done worse, Italy is in seventh place (out of 28 countries examined). In the first position we Serbia, with a well-fold difference 8.58, followed by Bulgaria (7.66 times), Romania (7.21), Lithuania, Albania, Latvia and Macedonia.
Regarding the Italian territory, Sicily, Campania and Calabria are regions that are faring worse. The first two are plagued by a gap between rich and poor that reaches 7.4 times. The Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Umbria are located instead on the opposite spectrum, stopping at a more dignified for the first 4.1, 4.2 for the other two.
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