The 2019 continued a very positive trend regarding the funding of the startup of our country....
2020-01-13 09:47:49
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Funding for growing startups Italian

Good hopes for the future

The 2019 continued a very positive trend regarding the funding of the startup of our country. New businesses have grossed 694 million euro in financing, with a 17% trend. It is a more modest increase compared to 2018, but was added to the bill, considered the capital less available. In absolute numbers are interpreted as confirmation of a trend that improves, and that will help in achieving the billion euro annual investment.
Most of 2019 investments are derived from informal actors, which alone accounted for about 36% of the capital. This was possible thanks to a continuous work of awareness, which is leading to a greater awareness of the Italian scenario. Do not overlook the Mise, with its tax incentives has undoubtedly facilitated investment.
Highlights include interventions by international players, which account for 33% of the capital. It shows a lively Italian landscape, which is interesting even from foreign perspective.
Finally, the formal actors were responsible for 31% of investments, marking a slowdown.
Raffaello Balocco, the Observatory Scientific Startup Manager Hi-Tech Polytechnic, analyzes the Italian situation and offers us an accurate picture.
"The numbers of this year confirm Italy's away more mature than other comparable economies and ecosystems (such as France, Germany and Spain). (0)
"Compared to last year, we recover some positions to countries with an infrastructure and a systematic approach to entrepreneurship, which continue to run faster than us."
In short, we are recovering the gap, but other countries do better than us. Emblematic in this sense is like the Italian startups still have great difficulty in getting investments exceeding 10 million euro, which happens less often in other countries. Always according to Balocco, the situation is still improving. From this point of view in fact, our new companies are doing better, and the average funding are scoring progressive increments.