The amount of the Italians will be the thirteenth of about 38.5 billion euro in this 2019, an...
2019-12-17 11:02:47
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Thirteenth 2019: 90% eaten by taxes, mortgages and utility bills

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The amount of the Italians will be the thirteenth of about 38.5 billion euro in this 2019, an increase of approximately 2% compared to last year. The figure may make an impression, but this year the vast majority of that money will be spent in record time. According to a National Observatory Federconsumatori trial, approximately 89.5% of the thirteenth will be used to pay bills and taxes (regional and state). Among the expenses are also mentions of payments in installments and mortgages, a constant in the modern economic landscape.
To this was added, of course, the Christmas period, which in turn involves a number of additional expenses. In addition to gifts to put under the tree, there are also the holidays with associated accommodation, and an increase in spending on food.
short, the thirteenth there and are also consistent, but that money will spend very little time in our wallets.
Also, thanks to the ONF study, we learn that nearly 10% of the thirteenth in 2019 will be used for specialist medical examinations, dental or purchase of eyeglasses. The economic hardships and the long period of recession have indeed led many Italians to postpone the appointment with medical checks as possible. This choice does not seem wise considering that we talk about health, yet this is precisely an area in which we are more willing to make sacrifices. This is despite - as we saw in a previous article - many lenders provide loan schemes aimed at health and wellness, with attractive rates and often subsidized.
The 23.1% of those 38.5 billion will be spent instead in the payment of loans, installments and various loans. This is the highest share, which is the target of most of the money coming from the thirteenth. The bills, however, are close behind, with 22.2% of the pie. These include both the phone bills, especially those who for other services, such as electricity, water and gas.