Contrary to traditional credit cards, revolving credit cards allow you to make purchases by...
2019-12-10 09:44:17
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revolving credit cards to pay in installments, here the interests

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The advantages for the consumer

Contrary to traditional credit cards, revolving credit cards allow you to make purchases by paying in installments, delaying spending over time. The interest rates are usually higher, but there are some obvious advantages that many consumers have already begun to exploit.
Revolving cards can be used both online and in physical stores, and there is also the possibility to withdraw cash from ATMs or branches.
The lender will provide us with a ceiling and, once you make a transaction, we will be required to pay the sum by installments. These start from a minimum value, which can also be increased at the discretion of the creditor. As we mentioned, the interest rates on the amount spent are quite high, so it is just going to study with concrete examples.
Findomestic offers a revolving credit card with APR at 21:42 and Tan% to 15.36%. They also pay € 3.99 per month to maintain the account while the bank statement costs 2 €. For the rest there are no surprise costs: issuing cards, membership fees, withdrawals from branches and checks are free. The monthly ceiling of € 3,000.
Another solution is Fiditalia, offering a revolving credit card leaning on the Mastercard circuit. The APR rises to 18.16%, but there are no monthly fees or annual whatsoever. The monthly ceiling is 2,000 EUR, while you can withdraw from ATMs up to 500 € a day.
we conclude with Agos Pay Plus, a card that allows us to pay either in revolving mode and only solution. The APR is 18.88%, and there is provided a commission of 4% at every drawing by ATM. By making purchases for at least € 150 within the first 30 days after activation of the card, the company will reimburse you € 30, a kind of welcome bonus. For 90 days from first use, you will also enjoy the Shop Safe Program, which will cover up to 2,600 € in the event of theft, loss, theft or damage to property purchased with the card.