Did they know that employees, in addition to perceive the normal salary, they can enjoy the...
2019-12-05 09:39:13
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Loans by employers with a slight tax for employees

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Did they know that employees, in addition to perceive the normal salary, they can enjoy the so-called fringe benefits. These accessories benefits that can improve the working conditions, as in the case of company cars. Certain employees may also receive food stamps, attend training courses or education services.
One of the fringe benefits is precisely the opportunity to apply for a loan to your employer. The outcome of the application will not necessarily be positive, and depend on a number of variables, or financial conditions, in which the business is located.
Being the uncertain outcome, this is therefore a substantially different from classical loans against salary.
The loan by the employer is not particularly exploited in our country, because little known. It resembles in some respects to the classic loan finalized, because you need to specify the reason for the request and the target amount. The employer will make his remarks and then will decide whether to give the go-to financing. The funds will be taken from the money of the same company, or be provided by a credit institution by the employer.
We consider that this kind of loan may also be required in a company that has fewer than 16 employees. In this case we would not be entitled to the transfer of salary, but the employer may still accept to finance this.
The advantage of such a loan is primarily the taxation. This is nothing short of interesting compared to other forms of financing, because the interest rates are lower for the applicant. The most important and successful companies make the modules available through which employees can advance their loan applications. Here we will have to indicate, in addition to our data, the destination of the money and the way we intend to repay the company. Specifically, we will have to specify both the rate that the required number of years. Finally, will the employer to determine the interest rate.