From the point of view of a credit institution, a retired gives several safety devices in more...
2019-12-03 09:50:17
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easy loans for pensioners, also to help their children

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Guarantees Stability

From the point of view of a credit institution, a retired gives several safety devices in more than a worker. Essentially the pensioner can not "lose his job", then you can count on more or less stable income, insured by the pension system. Despite talk of possible INPS crisis, on balance it is unlikely that things will get worse and degenerate beyond repair. Having to choose who to make a loan, therefore, banks consider the retiree status as a guarantee by the considerable weight.
This is why banks and lenders tend to be less demanding with retirees in terms of loans. These stipulate institutions only for insurance contracts to protect themselves in case of death of the policyholder. There is no still significant issues related to age. It is usually considered as the limit for concluding the 80th anniversary of the client, but there are several exceptions.
Whether you want to resort to a loan or the sale of the fifth of the pension, the money can be used in multiple ways, not necessarily for themselves. For example, it happens quite frequently that parents want to help their children, perhaps in the opening of an asset or pay off any debts. The youth of today in fact tend to have the most precarious economic situations than they were for their parents at the same age. These are changing times, things get complicated. Retirees Parents can, however, take out loans with relative ease.
INPS provides a number of programs for post retirement loans. They are rather specific, each relating to a particular category of worker. Alternatively it allows the classic sale of the fifth of the pension with subsidized rates. If you can not lean still wanted to reach out to INPS to several banks or lenders. Whatever the case, normally the retiree has to provide fewer guarantees than the worker, by virtue of its "privileged status".