The European Court of Justice has recently issued an interesting decision for consumers. It...
2019-11-29 11:01:06
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Early repayment: consumers from the ruling pro EU

The resolution is the European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice has recently issued an interesting decision for consumers. It actually happened last September 11, 2019, and it is right to analyze the new scenarios and opportunities for those interested in applying for a loan, a mortgage or a loan of some kind. Whatever the case, you can pay off the debt incurred into early recovering more money than was previously possible. Let's do some 'clarity and try to understand what has changed.
With the new ruling, in case of early repayment it will be possible to recover some of the costs incurred. Take, for example assessment costs required for taking out a mortgage to buy a house, or even the appraisal costs. Among the funds that we can recover there are even those intermediation, which often are larger than we would like.
The new landscape is therefore much better than it was previously. This is particularly true for figures for loans and financing relatively small, or at least not too large. In these cases, in fact there is a certain disproportion between dispensed figure and costs incurred, which henceforth will be retrieved.
This naturally also applies to the transfer of salary or pension, which from now on will have operating costs significantly reduced in the event of early repayment. Just these cases are interesting because, many times, consumers are discouraged by an early closure of the debt may be inconvenient.
In the event that was available on a sum sufficient for the extinction fact, you should necessarily incur additional expenses not indifferent. The new decision of the European Court of Justice thus reduce one of the obstacles intimidated consumers, frenandoli in demand for loans and financing, making it potentially more interesting is the fifth of their salaries or pensions.