The Black Friday of 2019 falls on November 27, and will be followed as usual by Cyber ​​Monday,...
2019-11-28 14:55:12
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Black Friday 2019: loans also enjoy favorable conditions

Good prospects savings

The Black Friday of 2019 falls on November 27, and will be followed as usual by Cyber ​​Monday, the Monday following. The balances are now in full, both in physical stores than in online, where Italians have given way to the big Christmas shopping. To stimulate consumption, the banks and the big chains have organized a series of loans and really affordable financing.
Meanwhile, Amazon and Ebay make their predictions, and generate dizzying numbers. According to Ebay estimates, will be about 20.5 million Italians who make purchases during the Black Friday discounts. The average spending per customer will be about 116 euro, and we expect a total turnover of about 2.4 billion. It will also be important Cyber ​​Monday (December 2 this year), which will bring a wave of discounts for products related to electronics, telephony, computing and gaming.
Who should bear major expenses may apply for special-purpose loans of various types, such as those analyzed in recent weeks. Alternatively, the large chains offer these days of funding is right to consider, such as attractive interest-free. The official website of Euronics, Mediaworld and other known chains provide all the information within dedicated pages where you can simulate repayment plans and choose the rate that best suits our needs.
The electronics stores are however not the only ones to offer such financing. Anyone wishing to renew the furniture or buying a sofa can for example turn to the World Convenience, chairs sofas, and more. Besides being able to take advantage of the financing at zero interest, remember that you can also make use of the Bonus furniture, which we discussed in a previous article.
course we advise you to consider carefully the conditions of the loans offered by the chains. It 'good to make comparisons with purpose loans, whether they are from your bank or other institutions. It happens in fact to find most convenient occasions, so it is always advisable to make informed choices.