After the collapse of recent years, it seems that the housing market is finally recovering. Buy...
2019-11-20 10:35:14
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Buying a home with no mortgage? Here lending, leasing and rent-to-buy

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New convenient methods

After the collapse of recent years, it seems that the housing market is finally recovering. Buy houses is one of the goals of many Italians, but often you can not pay in a lump sum. Usually it therefore prefers to resort to loans, but they are not for everyone. Fortunately, you can explore new approaches, including the purpose loans, real estate leasing and rent-to-buy.
The loan aimed not require any collateral and documentation necessary for a mortgage. This means it is faster and more affordable for a larger number of people. The problem, in this case, is that it can use to cover only part of the expense, or for the purchase of inexpensive housing. The maximum achievable figure with a loan aims of this type is 50,000 euro. It'll be good for a studio in areas not too urbanized, but not for much else. Keep in mind also that the interest rates in targeted loans tend to be higher than the mortgage. You have to carefully evaluate the pros and cons according to your needs and possibilities.
Another possible solution is the real estate leasing. In this case the bank to buy the property, and allows the customer to use, under certain conditions. We will sign a contract with a duration of eight years, during which we will pay a substantial monthly fee, higher than that of a normal house. After 8 years we can decide whether to renew the lease, pay the difference and buy the property, or cancel the contract.
More interesting is perhaps the rent-to-buy, a lease where the user reserves the right to buy the property in the future. You must pay a higher monthly fee than a standard rental, between 10% and 50% more expensive. This creates a deposit with which the end buy the dwelling. considerable advantage is that all taxes are paid by the owner until the transaction is not actually completed. This means that we will not pay IMU or extra taxes, but only rent a saltier than usual.