They fell by a further 3.1% requests for loans by Italian companies. This is shown by the latest...
2019-11-12 09:57:14
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still falling Loans for Italian companies

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Extremely low numbers

They fell by a further 3.1% requests for loans by Italian companies. This is shown by the latest data entered by CRIF (Central Credit Financial Intermediation), for the third quarter 2019, and compared with the same period in 2018. The average amount required suffers a significant loss of 4.1%. This is the lowest value recorded in the last 6 years.
Simone Capecchi, the Executive Director, commented:
"Continue in the third quarter the slowdown in the number of credit applications by Italian companies, which are taking a cautious waiting for it to better define the political and economic framework. Moreover, the fact that the risk of the fund companies see default rates steadily improving, with an outlook for the biennium 2019-2020 stable, benefiting not only the accommodative monetary policies of the ECB, but also the attitude of businesses that cater to credit institutions when they are plausibly certain of being able to sustain financial commitments "
Capecchi continues stressing that the slowdown in corporate loans is primarily due to this period of great change, both in terms of regulations, which technologies, which generally approaches. Companies prefer to be patient, waiting to see how things unfold the picture, so you can take advantage of the attractive opportunities. Smaller companies are trying on their part to meet the costs with their own capital, or simply delaying as much as possible.
To determine this further decline in requests for loans in the third quarter 2019 were primarily individual companies, which by themselves do score a -9.5%. By contrast, corporations have seen a slight increase, marking a + 1.1%. Not enough to counter the minus sign.
The average amount required by individual companies was reduced by 5.5% compared to the same period in 2018, with an average of 27 469 euro. Corporations are even worse, with a reduction of 6.8% and an average of 95 562 euro.
Wanting to consider both types of companies, the average for the last quarter amounted to EUR 69,986, the lowest figure recorded since 2012.
Micro sole proprietorships and companies presented the most part of the loan applications. For this reason, 32.6% of total requests ranks in the range below 5,000 euro. Relevant however also requests exceeding EUR 50,000, exceeding 20% ​​of the total.