The so-called "bad payers" are those persons who, after requesting a loan of some kind, have...
2019-11-06 09:42:50
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Assignment of the fifth and cambializzati loans for bad payers

How to curb the problem?

The so-called "bad payers" are those persons who, after requesting a loan of some kind, have delayed the payment of one or more installments. Banks and financial institutions must somehow protect themselves from customers like that, that are considered "risky." Hence the debtor's name will appear in the Information Systems Creditizia (SIC). These are databases that record both credit requests that the conditions for repayment of the loans themselves. The debtor remains reported for a variable period of time between 12 and 36 months, depending on the severity of the fact. During this period, additional funding will be impossible, or in any case be much more difficult to obtain.
In theory, after the expiry of the term and the removal of SIC, our bad payer may request the new loans. Unfortunately, data in hand, things are very different. Many lenders in fact refuse to finance individuals who have proved in the past insolvent, considering them too risky.
Luckily there are solutions, which perhaps do not solve the problem entirely, but certainly manage to stem it.
The first option that comes to mind is the fifth of their salaries or pensions. They can be requested by public employees, private and retirees. It is beyond loans directed, therefore, it does not require special documentation on the destination of the money. With the sale of the fifth you can get up to 60,000 euro. To act as a guarantee will be direct salary or pension. The resulting figure will be repaid through monthly installments, with a deduction that will never exceed - in fact - a fifth of the total.
Another solution are the cambializzati loans. In this case we will be required to repay the lender with the monthly bills. The guarantee is in this case the debtor's assets, in the event of non-payment, would be seized.
should however keep in mind that even cambializzati loans require an analysis phase. The bank will analyze the situation, trying to figure out the risk factor and the actual means available to the customer. If, for any reason, this is no longer able to pay bills, access to the world of credit would be further compromised. Last
system to curb the problem of bad payers is the guarantor. In this case, a third party undertakes to guarantee to the debtor. In the event that the debtor could not pay one or more installments of the loan, the guarantor is obliged to intervene to settle the debt.