The data published by Consumers Association leave no room for doubt: raising a child always...
2019-11-05 12:50:58
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Raising a child up to 18 years almost 200,000 Euros coast

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unsustainable expenses?

The data published by Consumers Association leave no room for doubt: raising a child always costs more. The research was conducted on the values ​​recorded in 2018, and offers an interesting perspective on how challenging to have children, even from an economic point of view. Wanting to make an average, parents spend almost € 175,000 in the first 18 years of a child's life. The figure is rising: from 2013 to 2018 the average income of households increased by 4.4%, but the average spending grew 6.4% in turn. The proportion is quite clear. As often it happens, to be hardest hit are the people with low and middle income. The employees have seen for example, in the last five years, an increase in salary of around 2%. In contrast, the average increase in expenditure has reached 11%. Slightly better situation for the workers, who have seen a wage increase of 6%, compared with an increase of 9% in expenses.
Federconsumatori uses 2018 data to speak of a hypothetical 16 year old son. According to research, maintain it and deal with it would result in a cost of about 960 Euros per month. The figure includes the additional cost to the home (about 3,350 euro per year), the food (about 1,900 Euros), transport and communications (€ 1,815), education and care (over 1,500 euro). The agency has announced that during the school year 2019/2020 school fees for a first media are almost 1,000 Euros. They take into account only the textbooks and two dictionaries. The only tuition fees instead, with an estimated income in the second level, instead of slightly over 320 euro.
How to understand, the wealthiest families are also those that spend more on their children. Analyzes of Federconsumatori depart from families with annual incomes of 22,500 euro, which have an average outlay of EUR 117,400 in the first 18 years of her son's life. Families with an average income of € 34,000 instead spend 173,560 euro, while those who come to spend € 70,000 per year in the first 18 years € 288,600.
President of Consumers Association, Emilio Viafora, commented: "starting to support families and the birth rate policies It is increasingly urgent."
Among the solutions possible there are family allowances, vouchers and loans, very affordable for some time now, as we have seen in previous articles. The costs to be incurred are definitely some huge 'for all families, and loans option is certainly worth considering. It is estimated for example that in the first year of the child's life the family has to incur costs of between € 7,063 and the 15,537 euro. These figures are not exactly affordable for everyone, and it is there that the personal loans at reduced interest rates may be particularly tempting.