The awareness of environmental issues brings with it a whole host of benefits and advantages for...
2019-11-05 12:46:21
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Green Loans to renovate the house and buy real estate

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Think so eco

The awareness of environmental issues brings with it a whole host of benefits and advantages for those who want to help out the planet. The so-called Green Loans are new a little 'for all banks, offering its solutions also trying to diversify its offering from its competitors. The fact of the matter is however one: the green loans are meant for those who want to do their part in protecting the environment. The goal should be to consume less energy, or pollute less, or otherwise reducing the environmental impact of our daily lives.
E 'clear, therefore, that you are talking about a type of loan finalized. This means you will need to provide all the required documentation by the bank, which will be analyzed and evaluated to provide a response in the shortest possible time.
The possible uses of green loan applications are numerous, ranging from home renovation to improve the energy efficiency class, the construction of plants based on renewable energy (both photovoltaic and geothermal), the purchase of a electric car or a building with energy class a, the construction of buildings using green building techniques. Everything provided that the result is somehow green way, or otherwise directed to the ecology.
As we mentioned, each bank tends to offer more solutions in terms of green loans. Therefore, if you are interested you should inform first about the plans of your bank and possibly compare them with those of other banks, so as to find the most convenient for your needs.
However, among the advantages of green loans there are a few key items to keep in consideration: there are no charges for the investigation, the installments are customizable, they should offer the possibility to be managed online and ensuring the digital signature. But most interesting element is perhaps the fact that the green loans cover 100% of the budgeted expenditure for loans ranging from 2,500 to 100,000 euro.
The interest rates are tantalizing, with 5% lower values ​​if the purpose is the purchase, renovation or construction of a new dwelling, almost always with a lower spread than the mortgage.
The green loans represent a useful tool for everyone, and may be requested by both companies and private citizens. The type of work is not important, anyone can apply for a green loan from state employees to private, from freelancers to finish with retirees.