According to the report of the Annual Report Financial Banking Arbitrator, only in 2017...
2019-10-17 09:30:08
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Fifth Assignment: Adiconsum in consumer help

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According to the report of the Annual Report Financial Banking Arbitrator, only in 2017 consumers have carried on well 22,232 complaints related to their loans against salaries or pensions. It is a number to say the least high and worrisome, that suggests how something must have gone the wrong way. Slightly better situation in 2018, but we are always of very high values. In this case we speak of 17,372 appeals, certainly far more than would be expected. We try to understand what is happening and if the problem can also affect us.
's no secret that there have been erroneous deductions following the transfer of salary or pension. There is also talk of large sums, usually justified as various types of fees by banks or financial involved. In fact it was precisely the errors, and consumers are trying to assert their rights through a wave of appeals, now going on for some years now.
To meet the citizens who have paid off in advance the transfer of salary or pension, Adiconsum (Association for the Defense of Consumers and the Environment) has launched a series of initiatives, providing the tools that can steer you in the right direction. It starts with an advertising campaign, but there is also a guide and an online help service. To take advantage of these tools is necessary that the repayment of the loan occurred no more than 10 years ago, so 2009 is the deadline. Warning: This refers to the extinction itself, and not the conclusion. If the contract had been signed more than 10 years ago, Adiconsum can still proceed with the analysis and evaluation.
E 'can contact the support service on the Fifth Adiconsum Assignment to the number 06-44170234 or via email at assistenza.consumatori@adiconsum.it.