Purchase Mortgage Are you thinking of buying a house, the first one, or maybe the second...
2019-09-16 13:03:00
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Types of Mortgage

Purchase Mortgage
Are you thinking of buying a house, the first one, or maybe the second residence where you can spend your holidays? Or do you need a bigger house because the family is expanding? Choose the mortgage purchase proposed by us.

The purchase mortgage is a loan for residential properties and not for commercial activities. In some cases, in fact, it can be requested for office buildings or lofts.
The first home purchase mortgage can cover up to 80% of the property's value.
The purchase loan can be fixed rate, variable and variable with a protected installment.

Mortgage Purchase plus Restructuring
If you are thinking of buying a new home and have the desire to renew it, the mortgage purchase + renovation is the answer to your needs.
The mortgage purchase + restructuring is a loan for residential properties, which can cover up to 80% of the value of the property and which also includes a share for restructuring up to a value of 50,000 euros. The mortgage purchase + restructuring can be fixed rate, variable or variable rate protected.

- the customer / employee who assigns the rights, within the limits of one fifth, to his salary to the lender;
- the employer of the customer / assignor who, by virtue of the sale carried out by his own employee with respect to the credits it claims for salaries matured, assumes the status of Third Party Debtor..

Mutual Restructuring
Making your home more welcoming or spacious will no longer be a feat thanks to mutual restructuring.
If you plan to carry out small or large operations to renovate and improve your home, you can indeed apply for mutual restructuring. You will be able to finance up to 100% of the works to be carried out inside the building. The delivery takes place in no more than 3 tranches, and, in some cases, even in a single solution.
The mutual restructuring can be fixed rate, variable or variable rate protected.

The Mutual Surroga
Do you want to transfer your mortgage with the possibility of saving by changing the duration and interest rates? With the subrogation you can pay off and transfer the loan opened at another institution, without incurring any costs.
The portability of the loan, introduced in Italy with the law n. 40/2007, in fact offers the advantage of being able to freely transfer the loan for free and thus be able to take advantage of more favorable conditions, which may be available.

The Debt Consolidation Mortgage
With the debt consolidation loan it is possible to pay off up to 5 debt exposures, for example the mortgage and four loans, and renegotiate the conditions.
This way you will have only one loan with a single installment to support at the end of the month, which can also have a more advantageous rate, simplifying the repayment and saving.
In addition, it is possible to request additional liquidity to cover perhaps unforeseen expenses.
The debt consolidation loan is available at a fixed rate, variable or variable installment rate.