Loan with Delegation: the extra loan for employees With the Loan with Delegation of CIF Srl you...
2019-09-16 13:00:12
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Loan with delegation: main features

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Loan with Delegation: the extra loan for employees

With the Loan with Delegation of CIF Srl you can request an additional loan, without indicating any reason for spending and even if you have a loan in progress.

The Loan with Delegation has the same characteristics as the Cession of the Fifth.

Request a Loan with Delegation and we will propose you the most convenient and suitable solution for your needs.

For larger amounts, you can combine the Loan with Delegation to the Assignment of the Fifth and thus have a loan with monthly installments that can reach up to two-fifths of the salary.

- Fixed rates and rates, for the entire duration of the loan the installment and the rate are fixed.
- Long duration. the loan can last up to 120 months
- Without worries, the installment is withheld directly from the pay slip.

What is the Loan with Delegation

The Loan with Delegation is based on the faculty of those who claim a credit to transfer it to third parties, for consideration or free, even without the prior consent of the debtor.
Since the remuneration represents a credit, every worker can contract the Loan with Delegation, agreeing to extinguish it by transferring a portion of his salary to the lender.

Because of its characteristics it is configured as a tripartite contract whose subjects are:
- the customer / employee who assigns the rights, within the limits of one fifth, to his salary to the lender;
- the employer of the customer / assignor who, by virtue of the sale carried out by his own employee with respect to the credits it claims for salaries matured, assumes the status of Third Party Debtor..

Main features:

Duration - These are the possible delays: 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108 and 120 months.
Installment - The installment includes all expenses and can never exceed one fifth of the net salary.
Insurance Coverage - The statutory insurance against life risk and the different risks of using the client is assumed by an approved insurance company.
Coexistence - The Loan with Delegation can coexist with other payroll deductions as long as the sum of the deductions does not exceed 50% of the net salary.
Renewals - A Loan with Delegation can be renegotiated in advance by recovering unearned interest.
Preliminary investigation - The investigation to access this type of financing is taken care of from the beginning to the end by the branch consultant. The customer can relax: the request is very simple.
Withdrawal Mode - Check or bank transfer.